On to the final

IMG_2634Last night the band rocked themselves into the final of ‘de kleine prijs van Nieuwegein’. Thanks for the jury for recognising the effort and the passion. Everybody showing up, thanks, come again! The final is March 10, but first Mike’s Music Place in Haarlem TONIGHT!

BA at Azotod


The band is very excited to announce they will play at muziekpodium Azotod in De Meern on October 6th. There will be some new songs so you really want to be there!

More information on www.azotod.nl



In October the band will be back into the studio to re-record their current catalogue in the new formation and, who knows, record some of their carefully crafted new songs? Very exciting times indeed!

The magic will happen at Studio Moskou in Utrecht. Look for some energetic and passionate tunes at the end of the year on a streaming service near you!

Great first gig with the new line-up

Clash of the Titans 2016Last friday night we played our first gig with the new line-up at ACU in Utrecht as part of the Clash of the Titans band competition. We had a great time and received great response from the audience. The jury praised our enthusiasm and named us (freely translated) ‘defenders of our genre’ although they did think it could’ve been more tight. Well, we have seen the video and we believe we were tight as hell! Check the video on our FB page and see for yourself. Thanks for every one showing up. We had a great time and will be back for more soon!