Sad but true

IMG_2699We regret to inform you that Blind Ambition’s 2016-2017 line-up has disbanded. After almost two years of sharing rehearsal room, stage and studio, perfecting old and crafting new songs, in the end the flame went out. There are no personal motives behind the break-up and thus no hard feelings. When asked Paul (drummer) expressed the band never became what he had hoped for while bass player Patrick’s feeling is that he would like to go back to making heavier music. Founding members Josquin and Maurice were mainly concerned with lack of critical reflection and the band’s motivation as a whole. From here we would like to thank Paul and Patrick for their years of devotion, friendship and for sharing many beers, laughs and nice moments (including making it to the final of the ‘Kleine Prijs van Nieuwegein’). Keep an eye on our website for any updates on Blind Ambition’s future!